Color Schemes & Themes Theory Workshop -A PERSONAL Testimony from Paula Moore....

I thought I had a pretty good knowledge of color and how they played together. I was equipped with a standard color wheel and thought I knew how to read it. Now, I realize I had just touched the surface of this deep well we call Color Theory. I’m still discovering more and more about how Color and Values are just two of the Elements and Principles of Design Language! There are many self-taught artists out here in the Art World. We love art. We must create. We don’t have the art degree to prove it, therefore, we keep observing, learning and experimenting. Isn’t it exciting when we break through an art concept…and well, We get it!!! We become a more confident artist. Our paintings are more successful. There are so many wonderful artists in our Splatter Art Studio Group creating at various levels of expertise. Wee are a tribe of art friends ready to assist and learn from each other.

That is precisely why I enjoy sharing the theory behind the Color Schemes & Themes Color Wheel. It is the link between all you already know of color and how to organize it successfully in your artwork. No matter what your art medium. This color theory tool works across the art spectrum.

The Color Scheme & Theme Color Wheel was introduced to me by my dear friend and art mentor, internationally known artist, Jane Jones. With her blessing, I have developed this theory workshop in order to share the concept with you. Come join me in this innovative class where I’ll teach you the process step-by-step. My next workshop is scheduled for Thursday, March 7th afternoon at Splatter Art Studio, Springfield, MO.

Here’s more information for you!

Have you studied color theory and still struggle with developing a pleasing color scheme for your paintings and drawings? This theory workshop applies for ANY art medium and will enhance your color knowledge. I’ll share the formulas to help you dramatically change your color schemes from “so-so” to WOW!!

Included in this $45 workshop: 25 page Color Scheme Kit, instructions, demonstrations, examples and fun exercises, and studio fee. Time includes setup and clean-up. Paypal available.

To register, contact Paula Moore, 417-830-6802, or email me at

What you need to bring: Scissors, double-sided scotch tape, permanent marker, 1” 3-ring empty binder and the color wheel you use. In addition, bring your own art medium and supplies to participate in the exercises.