Vision Board Goal Setting Vs. New Year’s Resolutions

The Power of Vision Boards

Achieving your dreams while letting your creative energy flow.

Nothing against New Year’s Resolutions; however, I think Vision Boards are a more powerful and positive tool to bring joy and happiness into your life! They help guide you to uncover dreams, desires and goals. To put it simply, Vision Boards are designed to visually and creatively place the dreams circling around in your head on paper.

New Year’s Resolutions focus on taking something away (i.e. carbs, sugar, weight); whereas, Vision Boards focus on adding something positive into your life (i.e. join a book club, volunteer once a month, enroll in a meditation class).

Only 8% of people who set a New Years Resolution actually fulfill their goals. Instead of achieving the goal, a resolution could leave us feeling guilty if we accidentally slip up or compare ourselves to an unrealistic standard. Vision Boards do the opposite, it opens our minds to understanding and compassion towards ourselves and others.

The Power Of Manifestation and Law of Attraction are huge factors with Vision Boards. The energy we put out in the universe, will always find it’s way back to us. Therefore, how do we create the life we want?! These 6 steps are vital to the process of manifesting your goals and dreams.

  1. Meditation

  2. Letting Go of Past Emotions

  3. Moving your Body & Eating Healthy

  4. Keeping a Gratitude Journal

  5. Setting a Positive Mantra

  6. Goal Setting (a.k.a. Vision Board!)

Remember when creating your Vision Board for the New Year, focus on internal goals and not external. A new car, boyfriend/girlfriend, job, house, etc. will not bring you more happiness. Instead reflect on those 6 factors that can help you bring more gratitude and joy into the life you already have. And last but not least if you would like to create a Vision Board in a encouraging environment, sign up for one of my Vision Board Workshops at Splatter Art Studios!

Cheers to the New Year,

-Jenna Engler

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The 3 Greatest Factors for Happiness:
1. Ability to re-frame a situation more Positively
2. Ability to experience Gratitude
3. Choice to be Kind & Generous
— Sonja Lyubomirsky
Jenna Engler