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French Alleyway - Batik Watercolor on Rice Paper

Paint this “Create & Take” Batik painting using watercolor paints, rice paper, and a few household tools. This painting features learning background perspective along the foreground of the delightful lunch spot.

.Cost:  $50 (includes instruction, pattern, batiking materials, use of batik waxing brushes, most supplies & Venue Fee) Class schedule includes workstation setup and break down time.

Registration:  417-830-6802   Limited Seating (Paypal available)

Supplies required to bring:

Black Micron Permanent & Water Proof Ink Pen, Size #005. (Available at Nat’l Art Shop, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels. Note: Sharpie brand is not recommended as they may not be waterproof.)

Watercolor brushes:  1 ½ flat, small ¼” flat, small round #4.

Water container, Full roll of paper towels

Watercolors:   Bring what you have available.  (For this project:  we will use Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple, ivory black, permanent green.)

Lots of newspapers (We used these when ironing off wax.)

Apron or old shirt recommended