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Expressive Brushwork - Painting Rabbits - Day 1

ARTIST: Regina Willard


Fee $195…….a $50 deposit is required and can be done by way of paypal on my website

Or if you would like to pay by check please contact me in regards to an address.

Lets hop into spring and paint rabbits!! This workshop is for the intermediate to advanced student. Workshop is a 2 day event. Each day will be 9am to 4pm with a 1 hour break for lunch. Students will be encouraged to loosen up and let their brushes dance. Each morning will begin with a quick demo and discussion period explaining several processes in starting a painting while giving emphasis on the importance of shape, line, form and the values of the subject. Each day students will have demonstrations on how to use their brushes in a expressive and energetic way to help create energy and life. Instruction on having a cohesive color harmony with in your painting will be share as well as lots of color mixing! Reference photos will be provided for all. This will be hands on and so much fun! Bring your creative spirits and open mind and lets paint rabbits.

Below are the supplies needed for my class.

Oil paint colors…. Cadmium yellow light, cad yellow medium, permanent orange, cad red medium, alizarin crimson or permanent rose, burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, kings blue (jack richeson brand), radiant turquoise, viridian, titanium white, light grey, medium grey.

Brushes…..are so important! Good brushes are key to great brushwork. Brands I use and love are Rosemary Brush CO, Silver Bristleton, Grey Matters and Robert Simons Signet….all can be found online.

synthetic and sable are what I enjoy.

Flats sizes 2,4,6,8 Filberts 2 thru 8 Rounds 2 thru 6 Egberts are long filberts 4 thru 8 they give a nice calligraphy mark. I also use what are called shapers. They are rubber wedges that help me to move, shape and scrape paint back.

Canvas …may bring boards or stretched canvas. I am in love with linen pads by Centurion or pad canvas by YES. But every painter has their surface they enjoy. Bring good quality for better results. Sizes in ranges of 8x10, 9x12, 11x14 or 12x16 enough to do multiple quick sketches and exercises.

Gamsol for cleaning brushes (no carpenter grade cleaners) . tank to clean brushes in. Table easel or floor easel, paper towels, large palette to mix on…no paper or styrofoam plates! Grey or white pallette paper is good as long as you have a sturdy support to mix on. I use a french mistress that fits on my easel. Palette knives in medium or larger sizes. Trash bags and handy wipes.

If you have any questions in regards to this workshop please contact me at