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Get Started with Oil Painting - Fun with Water Soluble Oil Paints

Do you love the soft and buttery effect of oil paintings? More convenience, quicker drying and solvent free?

My studio is in a confined space and I love the effect and play time that oils allow. So, I began experimenting with water soluble oils a couple of years ago, after taking a traditional oil painting class. I love the forgiveness and soft buttery effect and fell in love with the medium.

Paints and mediums will be provided!

In this class, we will be painting from photos and life. Painting several small paintings as we explore this fun medium.

We will create yummy backgrounds, using different mediums and techniques. Creating watercolor effects, adding acrylics to our palette and so on. Unlike traditional oils, these paints do play well with others.

A fun day of exploration and learning.

Class Fee: $50 , includes studio fee.

Please email me or send payment to secure your place in class.

Payments may be sent to :

Ursula Wollenberg 57 34 . Montego Dr. Springfield, Mo. 65804 or paypal@

Please call for further questions: 417-861-0317


I will supply water soluble oils if needed

Acrylic paints of choice.

Brushes for both acrylic and oil paints. (Combos are good)

3-5 small canvas, 5x5 or larger

Drawing pencil, water basin, palette, paper towels or cloth, photos (optional)


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