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Experience change through color and brush - A transformative painting experience

Change is easy and change is difficult… It’s easy when we, our beliefs and conditioning, are in alignment with what we want and it’s challenging when want we want is not in alignment with parts of us. Ho do we create alignment? We drop into our bodies and essence and see what comes up.

In this class we will use acrylics and abstract expression to experience ourselves and life from a different perspective that allows us to see the invisible. No painting experience is a plus!


Without the pressure to create a specific image, building blocks for a joyful life magically appear:

• Release stress • receive inner wisdom • move blocks • connect with others • shift stagnant energy • gain insights • connect deeper • have fun • get grounded • access creativity • feel centered • gain confidence • find calm • recharge your energy • feel alive • express yourself • transform feelings • gain wider perspective • plug into desire •

Instructor: Elke Naumburg, PhD • Register: • Investment: $47