Juli Schroeder

I started teaching in 2010 by sheer chance. Starting a small business called “Creative Concepts!” which began with the intent on selling my paintings, along with other local artist’s work, allowed me to meet many people who said they wish they could paint. To that, I ALWAYS encouraged them to KNOW that they could.

When I finally offered to teach someone, she took me up on it and that began a whole new avenue in my business that I loved immensely! This also led to me asking other artists, with different mediums and styles, to offer classes – from painting to gourd carving.

At one point, a client commissioned me to do a painting for her daughter who lived in Dallas. The daughter flew in several weekends to visit her mother and came to check the progress of the painting. One visit she told me about the painting craze going on in Dallas where you can paint a fun piece in about 2 hours…and you could also bring your own wine. She had loved her experience and said that I really just HAD to do it.

I took her advice and was the first in Springfield to have this type of class. It was a blast and I added that to a regular beginner and intermediate classes. The publicity I received led to OTC asking me to teach a beginner class, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. Many student from those classes became students at “Creative Concepts!”.

I’ve always told my beginner students that they would soon see that the love of painting as well as the learning experience will give them a whole new lens for their surroundings. You automatically see colors more vividly and see everything in more detail – from a blade of grass to tree trunks and flowers to paintings of others. A REAL appreciation of your surroundings just automatically develops. (Several have told me later that they didn’t really understand at the time…but later it was apparent I was right!)

Art, in general, allows you to expand your abilities and your mind in so many ways and, I believe, is the best therapy available. Never lie to yourself by saying you can’t do it. I haven’t met one person yet where that proves to be true and it so fun and rewarding for me to see a new artist’s face when he or she realizes that they CAN paint!

I hope you decide to experience your artistic side with a fun and relaxing 2-hour painting class with your friends – or on your own. All the supplies you’ll need are included in the class – no long-term commitment or expense is needed.

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