John Fitzgibbon

John Fitzgibbon is a native of the midwest.  He was born in Kansas, raised in Oklahoma and he now resides in Missouri. John has been drawing and painting since early childhood.  When he was fourteen he won his first art competition and a five dollar prize.

John has a masters degree in art and art education.  He taught art at the elementary, high school and college levels.  He has also conducted watercolor and acrylic workshops nationally and internationally. He says he enjoys teaching workshops because people are there to learn as much as they can in a short amount of time. According to John, ” It’s a very intense and engaging situation.  But it’s also a very rewarding time for me. It’s fun to teach people who want to keep learning.”  John works in all mediums but watercolors are his favorite.  He says that he loves watercolors for their fresh, spontaneous qualities.  This love for watercolors carries over in his workshops.  Here he is able to share what he has learned and teach it to his students.

John has been doing commission paintings most of his life. These include portraits, landscapes and murals. John was commissioned to paint a portrait of Dennis Weaver which the actor hung in his California home.   He has had two one man showings in the rotunda of the Oklahoma State Capitol. John is a member of the Missouri Watercolor Society and in 1999 his watercolor entitled “CHEERS”, won the special judge’s award in the national Watercolor USA, competition.   He also won the Best Of Show award in a national  competition sponsored by the University Womens’ Organization. The painting was entitled “SATURDAY MORNING”.

John and his wife Debbie live in Springfield, Mo.  Here John maintains his studio where he manages his time between workshops, commissions and art shows.