Jessie Schwartz

Born in Robinsdale, Minnesota on June 24th, 1961, Jessie recently retired from the U.S. Army, and has come back to his lifelong passion of art. He is a painter, sculptor, poet, and a multiple award-winning producer/director/writer (winning both a Telly at the national level and two Addy’s, locally). Jessie has exhibited his work in many places over the years. Most recently and locally, Classic Rock Coffee, Obelisk Home, and a One Man show at Drury Gallery on C-Street. Jessie has a sculpture down town Springfield, as part of the “Sculpture Walk”. With little formal art education Jessie is a primarily a self taught artist. He is very eclectic in his art techniques, ranging from landscapes, impressionism, surrealism, to realism, and his newest technique that he continues to refine…Chromatic Pop. Able to work in wood, clay, metal, oil, acrylic, water color, and print making; Jessie is a versatile artist.


Chromatic Pop is a retrospective of Pop Icon’s; whether it is History, films, Television, or Classic Rock.

Growing up in the late 60’s and 70’s influenced me and my work in a way that I only recently realized. Music, Television, and films were a way to escape and helped me get through some very tough times. Naturally, as I select subjects to paint, I find myself turning to what I know best. I am not only captivated by the body of work of my subjects but the character in their faces and what they convey. I believe the reason so many people like my work is because each piece brings back a memory for them as well.

The process of “Chromatic Pop “in which I paint is very intuitive. I myself am not sure of the outcome until it is complete. I let the colors pick themselves and I go along for the ride.

Using large canvases and brushes, forces me to paint big and lets the subject have a visually bigger impact when viewing. The process starts with randomly spreading three contrasting colors on the canvas, then defining the shadows of the subject. Soon I am layering multiple colors; making sure to allow the original three contrasting colors to bleed through. All this happens while in the background, the music on my subject is playing. The faster the song the faster I paint. Since I am unable to have these Icon’s sit for me to paint. The music makes me feel as though they are in the room with me.