Hannah Bunch

My name is Hannah Bunch. My passions include teaching and creating. I have a firm belief that anyone can freaking paint and create. The arts are not an exclusive club and you are so welcome to join in. A little bit about me, I quote Bob Ross almost every class I teach but unfortunately, my voice is not as soothing as his. I don’t think anyone’s voice is as soothing as Bob’s. I believe the arts are a way to build a community, build confidence, and express oneself. I have experience and formal training as a painter and ceramic artist. This past year I have been teaching group painting classes for home painting parties, fundraising events, children’s parties, corporate team building, senior community focused art classes, and more.

I love learning and plan to never stop. I graduated from Drury University with my Bachelor’s Degrees in Arts Administration and Fine Arts with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am continuing my education at Drury’s Master’s in Nonprofit and Civic Leadership program. Why a nonprofit program? Because I have a passion of service. I hope to use my skills to help and advocate for others.