Elke Naumburg 

Intuitive painting has been a life changer for me.

I’m trained as a research scientist who has never shown any great aptitude in art classes (way back when in school), so I never considered painting. Yet, when you take the pressure off – no it doesn’t have to look like ‘anything’, no it doesn’t have to be visually appealing – then creativity has room to blossom and parts deep buried find a safe place to come forth.

Since exiting the science world I have explored many modes of how to help myself and others find ways to get closer to our life’s desires and happiness. In the process I studied intuitive painting with Julie Claire who is both an artist and life coach. During painting sessions I have experienced many aha’s and shifts in myself and others whether they came to class considering themselves a painter or not. Intuitive painting is a favorite of mine whether the goal is to find some quality time, go deep or just have some fun!


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