Landscape Painting Workshop Series

Join award winning master artist, John Whytock, in his Landscape Painting Workshop Series and learn many of the techniques that allowed him, for the past 40 years, to excel in the real world of competitive art.

In five sessions, you will learn how to render realistic landscapes from the beginning glazes to the final brush stroke. You will learn the subtlest techniques in the application of color, the

consideration of tone, and use of textures. Throughout five courses, Mr. Whytock will demonstrate and impart his masterful approach in the how-to’s of painting clouds, atmosphere, trees, rocks, and water.

Session 1: Sky and Clouds – Focuses on the basics of sky color and how to paint convincing cumulous clouds.

Session 2: Atmosphere – Concentrates on the use of values and color to create believable atmosphere, distance and depth.

Session 3: Foliage – Focuses on mid-ground objects like trees and grass, their tonal design, hue and relationships to the overall composition.

Session 4: Rocks – Concentrates on the surface textures, the importance of under-light and the asymmetrical form of rocks and how to paint them accurately.

Session 5: Water – Concentrates on the refractive quality and the surface characteristics of water – one of the toughest elements to render in a convincing manner.

Each session is designed for the intermediate painter and will demonstrate in practical, easy to understand methods the ways to produce a work of art of which the dedicated painter can be proud.

This workshop repeats during the year. Click HERE to go to John’s workshop page for more info.

Justin Skinner